Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My To Do List... Courtesy of Dove.

I've made it a point to read the inside of every single Dove chocolate wrapper I come in contact with, after getting one, in a Valentine's Day Edition (with heart-shaped candies), that read, "Chocolate always loves you back."
Were I to make a list of things to do today based upon these wrappers, here is what it would read:

1. Share an embarrassing moment with a friend.
2. Curl up in the sun and take a catnap.
3. Hug a friend today.
4. Seek out small indulgences for myself.
5. Listen to the wind.
6. Call a friend and set a date together.
7. Be inquisitive. Find out something new.
8. Make a date with my favorite book tonight.
9. Push myself to do one thing a week outside my comfort zone.
10. Seize the day.
11. Go confidently in the direction of my dreams.
12. Think without limits.
And, lastly, and most importantly:
13. Enjoy the pure indulgence of DOVE.

1 comment:

  1. This list would make for a great day! Thank you for blogging about the DOVE chocolate wrappers. DId you know you can brighten someone's day and 'send' a chocolate wrapper to them through the DOVE E-promise application on their website? There are plenty to choose from so you can make sure it says just the right thing! Check it out at http://www.dovechocolate.com/promises.html.

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