Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Of My Personal Favorites

In all fairness, you'd be agitated too if you knew your grandson is making an ass of himself in Six Flags commercials nationwide.

A Slice Of Life

I applaud these people for daring to show such harsh truth in the apparently sterile 1950s.
Although, when I first looked at this, I thought, "is she upset because her kid is vacuuming? Is it because of the costume? Maybe she wanted him to wear a different one... or this isn't the RIGHT cowboy costume." Is it the gun? He doesn't appear to be making a mess...although he most likely will trip on the aforementioned vacuum in a minute, which his mother seems to be aware of, hence her anguished cry (which this kid seems pretty indifferent to. He must be used to it by now.)
Frankly, I think she should be taking action instead of screaming. Or she should, because I know we're all thinking it, get off her lazy ass and start vaccuming.

I'd Shit My Pants if I Went To This Masquerade.

Nothing says "masquerade" quite like a Maidenform bra.
I think we all know who wins the lamest mask award.
Actually, this entire masquerade is pretty lame. It's just a bunch of hoes (there's no other explaination for such scanty attire in a public place at the time this ad ran - dream or not!) with masks that look like something Walt Disney would have seen after taking a few mysterious tablets to deal with the stress of making Fantasia.

I Think This One Might Be Better Without My Attempts at Witticisms

There's not really anything I can add to this, is there?

Creepy and or Sexist and Generally Politically Incorrect Ads, Part I of Many

What would even be on this CD?

I covet it.

My First Blog Entry as an "Adult"

By "as an adult" I mean "since my livejournal days."
Basically, I'm addicted to making facebook albums with random pictures and apparently witty, but mostly crazily detailed and somewhat disturbing comments.
I figured I'd translate that to here, at the suggestion of a dear friend.
And away we go!
Also, I'm not sure why I picked that username when I put my real name in the subject line.
Well, I am sure - because I wasn't sure I'd be able to call this blog Meg Makes Fun Of Stuff, but I Make Fun of Stuff was taken.
And away we go for real this time!