Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaack (3 Months Later)

So, I'm gonna try something new here, something that completely doesn't go with the jive I attempted to establish with this blog. Like many blogs of people my age, it was a Phoenix idea, born of the ashes of the successful college reputation as a witty person I'd established for myself. I'd said I wouldn't talk about my real life because, first of all, I was afraid I'd start complaining. But my main reason was: let's face it, who really cares? Nothing really sets me apart from anyone else trying to make it in this sucky economy.

Buuuut then I started working at the family 5 and 10, which has given me some experiences I can GUARANTEE no one else my age has had. (Ever watched a kid puke waffles onto a hardwood floor from the 1930s in front of the assorted gums and tri-colored coconuts and pretended not to notice until someone with a stronger stomach stepped in? Didn't think so.)

I've been doing some writing (on the back of unused or unwanted receipts) during the day, convincing myself that my pocketfulls of scribbles will eventually become my masterpiece. Sometimes I type them up. More often, I add to the large paper bag of "masterpiece-pieces" which is daunting for me to even think about.

Today, on my day off, I managed to type up a few things from yesterday, and add my own spin on it. They are nowhere near as perfect as I would like them to be (nor can they ever be, because I want them to be, well, actually perfect. Which is impossible.) I figured I'd put them here, and if things go well, maybe start another blog about my REAL life. After all, my followers would probably want to hear about that and would hardly fault me for inconsistency.

And if any of you do, I know where you live. All FOUR of you.

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