Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day Four (I always get that Roman Numeral wrong)

Yesterday, three little girls came into the store with their mother or grandmother. The oldest may have had some form of Asperger's (Stacy), the shortest (Christine) had NO concept of money (Her: "How much is this hamster in the wheel?" Me:"$6." Her:"I have $3." Me:"..." Her:"Can I buy it?") and their friend (or adopted sister - as she was black, and they were white), I thought I heard the grandmother refer to as Topanga. Her name must be something else, I thought, but I heard the grandmother say it again. I almost ASKED the girl when she checked out with me if her name was Topanga, but as she looked to be about eight I thought that might have been crossing a line, even for me. Topanga wanted to buy a single un-inflated balloon (industry term), to which her mother/grandmother/friends' mother/grandmother said no. “We’re not buying ONE balloon.” Topanga attempted to soften her by reasoning, "It's gonna pop sooner or later."

(Until now, I didn’t even realize the “that’s what she said” possibilities on that one. It took me more than 24 hours to do so. I’m maturing.)

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